Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baby Santino Arrives Home

I post these pictures of Santino on his first day in his new home with apologies to Virginia Tosch, his breeder, to whom I dared suggest she needed to get a better camera. The photos she had sent me did not come close to doing his good looks justice. Now here are mine, shot with my fancy Nikon, and they, too, do not capture Santino in all his glory. This little guy is FAST! He is much too fast for today's digital cameras.

He looks like a sweet, goofy little guy in the photos....and, in a way, he is that, too. But, he is much more. He is a magnificent Balinese....I was astonished by how good looking he is when I saw him for the first time yesterday.

Later, after the long trip home, I was astonished by his sweetness. He came to me full of love and ready to give me his all....his love and his trust.....without hesitation. Yes, I have been loved by two Balinese before him and so know that the breed is extraordinarily loving, but Santino takes it even a step or two beyond. Can you tell I am crazy in love already?


  1. Virginia TorschApril 16, 2009

    I choose well for you didn't I? :)


  2. He is adorable. He is also lucky to have found you as well Chaska. Looking forward to more pics.

  3. what a beautiful baby!
    Sophie sends loving meows your way!