Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Happy Family

Santino learns quickly! He no longer invades the others' personal space, so today there has been no growling and hissing.....meaning that I have not been on high alert. It isn't that I feared his getting hurt, but I did not want him bullied or scared.

As of today, he has made himself fully at home, no longer cries if he "loses" me, and has explored and claimed every square inch of his home. There is absolutely no hope for his not being spoiled rotten, as he is cuddly and loving. I keep it to a minimum while the other "kids" are watching, but he and I are kissy-faced most of the time.:-) I am in heaven!

Today the five of us took a nap together. Yes, all four kitties were on the bed with me. It was a lovely afternoon.

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