Thursday, April 23, 2009

Everyone Is Happy

Miki and Rudy seldom bother to get out of bed for their evening snack, so Sophie and Santino share a can. I no longer need to place individual dishes in different parts of the kitchen for them. They have astonished me by their happy sharing.

Today, Sophie fell asleep in the living room, but normally all four are on my bed for their long afternoon nap. After one week, it's as if Santino has always been here. Last night Miki invited him to play, and Santino chased him. All three cats like him.

Last night, Santino had Bed-making 101, and he caught on immediately. At my house, no bed is ever well made without at least one cat IN it. :-) I didn't let him stay under the fitted sheet as I didn't want to scare him, but he thought the rest was great fun. Under my watchful eyes, Rudy "attacked" him through the sheets, and I played peek-a-boo. For a moment I saw myself playing with them as if an onlooker, and thought how splendid that I get to indulge myself this way! Lucky me. Lucky kitties.

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