Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rescued Cat Becomes Princess

Well, I've always said, "Give me a good dog and I'll turn him into a spoiled child" and also "Give me any stray cat, and I will make it Royalty."

Sophie has cleaned herself up and has found the best toys and the best places to sleep. Oh, she
tries to discourage others from playing with her favorite toys by stashing them right in the center under my king sized bed. She still is afraid of me, though, we are making progress. Last night she let me hold her tail (which is really fat, not just hairy fluff) and while I distracted her with the only wand toy I hid from her (the others she stashed under the bed where they are not reachable), I scratched her behind the ears. She purred and turned her head so I could reach under her chin. It lasted for maybe a minute, and then she remembered she was afraid of me.
And, even this would not be possible without my putting Rescue Remedy in the kitties water, and spraying Feliway (phermones) on strategic corners of rub-against furniture.

By the way, Princess Sophie scoots her hind end along the floor......anal glands? I don't want to traumatize her with the vet. Any advice?

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