Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do Cats Talk?

The first two evenings when I gave Santino wet food, he very clearly said "Oh wow wow wow wow", repeating it two additional times so there was no mistaking it. This was said while digging into his food. I have a new cell phone with which I can take a video complete with sound....only those first two evenings I was too groggy to document my talking baby. I figured I had plenty of time. Can one spoil a cat in just two days? Does it only take two days before a dish of smelly kitty food to oneself is no longer worth a "oh wow, wow wow wow"? It happened here. He doesn't even comment if I share my chicken.

Let me tell you, I believe those funny videos now. I thought they had been 'doctored'. As to the question about whether cats talk.....of course, they do, but mimicking human speech, not often..I missed a unique opportunity to record it.

I've always been better at knowing what cats mean than I am with understanding people. Words confuse me. My daughters tell me I take things too literally. I am better when I can observe body language. If I tune out words, and only pay attention to body language, I am much smarter. I guess that's why I find cats easier to understand than I do people. :-) We have an easy relationship because I also don't expect cats to understand me or to care if they do. Now, why can't I do that with people?


  1. Virginia TorschApril 22, 2009

    Hi Chaska
    If you feed Santino a bit of chicken and have your recorder ready I bet he will give you the same O Wowowowow again! His Aunt Crystabel makes the same sound whenever she gets some cooked chicken so he comes by it naturally!

    Every cat has its own beautiful voice and many do sound as if they are talking! I am blessed to have a multitude of cat voices in my house!

  2. Oh yes...cats certainly DO talk! when Sophie first came to live with us, she would sit by the screen door to the patio & say "out!". Her favorite kitty word now is "no"...and she will carry on a conversation with us. You ask her a question & then she says something...stops so you can talk...and then talks again. I love having a cat to talk to!