Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Scoop

If you love and have indoor cats, you are bound to be interested in getting the scoop about scoops, I figure. (You just got to love English. Just think how smart you must be if you learned to speak it!)

I know you appreciate the fact that I am showing you the scoop before I used it. Rudy didn't see anything special about it, but let me explain. I paid 12.99 for this state of the art thing! I've been wondering whether it's really worth that much money ever since I saw it online at from where I've been ordering filters from for the cats' Drinkwell fountain.
I was delighted to find this less expensive source for the charcoal filters, but have been tempted by their other products.

Do NOT buy their brush set for cleaning the fountain. A toothbrush is much better! But, if you like clean litter boxes, and want to have to replace the entire contents of litter much less often, this scoop is a good thing. I had an additional motivator: I have four bed cats! I got grossed out when I thought about them walking on top of the tiny bits of feces in the box, left behind by the best of "regular" scoops ...and then getting into my bed. Anyone who lives with animals and some men, can't be too prissy about hygiene, but I definitely have my limits.

This scoop is LARGE. I don't know what the heck to do with it in between cleanings. Supposedly the scoop was designed by veterinarians, and I'm guessing male ones or surely a storage caddy would have been made available.

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