Friday, April 17, 2009

Things Are ]]]]]]]

Well, Santino wrote his first heading, if not the entire blog post.:-) Pretty smart for a 19 week kitten, huh?

Everything is coming along nicely here, except I am a bit sleep deprived. Santino is not sleeping through the night, yet, and insists I hold and stroke him. Of course, I am more than happy to do that, but I really would prefer not getting up at 4 AM. I have a feline baby.

Rudy has already engaged Santino in play.....I love that sound of little elephants running!!!! Miki is pretending this isn't happening, and I don't understand what Sophie is doing. She looked like she was making play overtures this afternoon, but then reached out to swat him. Perhaps, she doesn't know herself what to do with this cute little guy?


  1. Virginia TorschApril 19, 2009

    Give Santino a week - he will have Sophie wrapped around his little paw!

  2. Nigel is just glad the kitten is at your house and not here. His Highness still wants cuddling at 4 am but we also like pm naps here. Sounds like everyone is settling in, in their own unique way.

  3. Santino is smitten with Miki, as...I assume...he looks a lot like his feline mom. Given enough time, Miki will be sleeping curled up with him. Sophie is just a kitten herself, but one who has a lot of abuse to overcome.