Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Joy

Only those lucky few (these cats are rare) who have been lucky enough to share life with a Balinese have any idea of the extent of my joy at having this cute little boy coming to live with us tomorrow.

My heart turns somersaults just seeing his photos! My two previous Balinese were my babies, although babies with a great deal of wisdom. I know this sounds strange, but there were many times I suspected they might have been God's angels sent to fill my heart with love.

This little guy is flying in from D.C. tomorrow, and I am driving down to Houston to pick him up there. I even have a friend going down with me to keep me from speeding, getting lost, or combusting with excitement. I have named him Santino....after his gorgeous beribboned chocolate point daddy.

Two ladies who know me only in cyberspace have made this possible. I can appreciate that this was not real easy for them, as it becomes difficult to trust people after years of being a breeder.
And, as I said before, Balinese are not cats who are independent. They need, and deserve, a lot of attention and a lot of love...which they return ten-fold.

Thank you, Virginia and Kris, and thank you, Margaret, for keeping me grounded to and from Houston tomorrow.


  1. He is such a beautiful baby. I am glad to have had a hand in putting you all together.

  2. Oh what a sweet kitten Santino is! I hope Rudy, Miki & Sophie are welcoming him into your family...I'm looking forward to hearing more about his homecoming.
    or Kitten...or whoever I am!